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Just a Word is a non-denominational group focused on finding the absolute truth of the Bible. We are aware of the many misinterpretations and misunderstandings, so our quest is to find that one absolute truth in all matters of scripture. Join us on our journey!

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Mattityahu (Matthew) 24:24 warns us that false messiahs and false prophets will come and deceive many. Have you ever wondered if you have been one of those that have been deceived? Well I have.

This is why I have sought out the true Messiah of the Bible. In this video, I look at 10 characteristics of this Messiah of the Bible. Get your measuring stick to see how your Messiah measures up. Should be very revealing.

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Here are the latest videos from out YouTube channel. Just a Word started by posting videos on Facebook. We have added a YouTube channel and these we share below.

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Our video teachings go more in depth into the word as we strive to clearly articulate the word of truth. We strive to make them as short as possible while delivering solid biblical food for viewers to feed on.

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