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Just a Word Radio is our 24/7 online radio station that features our teachings presented with great Yahuah/Yahusha music. Chazaq EliYahu Yasharal, Mahar Kun Yasharal and El Pedro Betuel Maposse bring in their word each day for a complete spiritually uplifting experience!


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They told us to only read 66 books, and we found out that what they really wanted to do was to hide the truth!

Thus, we have evaluated several books out there and thrown away some, but have found a few to be valuable in giving us instructions unto eternal life, working in harmony with the 66 book bible.

We share these with you for FREE on our downloads page!

Some of these were in the original “bible” and others were what we believe were shut up to the end for us (Daniel 12:4).

Flee Out Of The Midst Of Babylon Playlist