Who Are We?

Hi, my name is Chazaq EliYahu Yasharal and I am the founder of the Just a Word group.

Our Testimony

Not too long ago, up to 2011, I was agnostic (neither confirming nor denying the existence of the Most High. During those days, I loved to ask Christians difficult questions, which most could not answer. Then, miraculously for me, the Most High showed mercy on me and brought me to my knees. I was brought to a point where I had nowhere or no one to turn to for my problems. I remember they said “if you pray and just believe,” he will answer your prayer.

Having no choice, I did so, and to my amazement, he immediately answered my prayers and I was sold. Since then my life has not been mine. He is truly mu Father. Most importantly for readers here, the difficult questions I used to ask, I diligently sought to have them answered.

He readily provided me with answers to questions that many believers struggled with. Praise his name. That is the reason you will see most of the posts on this website are questions, for which I give the answers as has been given to me. It is not about what I think, or I believe or my interpretation. It is biblical truth backed by scripture that does not contradict.

How Just a Word Began

The Just A Word website emanated from a Facebook page of the same name. After sharing textual posts on Facebook, I decided to post videos instead. These went surprisingly well.

However I took a break and focused on a WhatsApp group I started called Biblical Truth-Seekers. As the name suggests, it focuses on finding biblical truth, weeding away the denominational biases and errors.

This Just A Word website is along the same vein, as it shares biblical teachings on various topics as we seek the truths of the Bible. These includes a combination of video, audio and textual posts.

Who Is This Website For?

Just a Word is for those who are seeking the truth as to what the Bible really says. It is definitely not for those who think they see and have it figured all out, but for those who like me, are blind (Who is blind, but my servant? – Isaiah 42:19-21).

If you are looking to defend a position held through what you learned in “church,” you probably will be disappointed. The truth is not in any one organization: the truth is in the Messiah Yahushua HaMashiach.

What’s more, the Father shows us his covenant in him to those who fear him (Psalms 25:14). In a nutshell, Just a Word is for those willing to give up everything and follow the Messiah (Matthew 16:24). If that is you, start by visiting our home page for the latest posts.