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Just a Word’s videos point the path to the narrow way, which leads to life eternal. These are sometimes hard teachings of what the bible and other Hebrew scriptures really speak as we follow Yahusha HaMashiach in obedience to his and our Father, YAHUAH Tsaba’oth (Rev. 14:12).

We have gathered them all an one website (Just a Word Tv), along with other truth videos from external sources. You may click below to check out our video website.

Featured Videos

The True Location Of Israel & Jerusalem

The Truth About Moses Marrying An Ethiopian

Angels Delivered Lot: Surely They Will Also Deliver Me? Waiting For Angels

What Are The First 4 Seals Of Revelation 6?

What You Must Know About Forgiveness Of Sins

The Evening & The Morning Were The First Day?

What Ezekiel 13 Says About The Mark Of The Beast Will Surprise You!

Why The Worship Of God Is Spiritual Suicide: Isaiah 65:11

Revealed: The Seven Heads & Ten Horns Of The Beast

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