Are You Keeping Your Biblical Appointments Video

Are You Keeping Your Biblical Appointments with the Father?

Are You Keeping the Biblical Appointments?

What does “seasons” mean in the Bible? Does it mean summer, spring, autumn and winter? What if I tell you it means something else totally different and we have been misunderstanding Genesis 1:14 from the King James Version all along?

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What a difference a mistranslated word makes!

Many in Christendom who swear by their English Bibles. In fact, there are some who call themselves “King James only,” through the belief that the King James version is the only infallible translation. All other translations are of those who have evil intent to corrupt the word.

The fact is, as long as scripture has been translated from biblical Hebrew or Greek to English, it is already corrupted. Why?

The prologue to the Book of Sirach ( from the Apochrypha) says it best:

Sirach Prologue 21-23
What was originally expressed in Hebrew does not have the same power when translated into another language. Not only in this case but even in the case of the law, the Prophets, and the rest of the scrolls, there’s no small difference between the translation and their expression in their own language.

This is the case with the video we have below. It is evidence of how the mistranslation of only one word (seasons) can affect our entire belief system. It has millions walking in disobedience and rebellion. It is something critical for all believers to understand.

Watch the video and let’s see.

2 thoughts on “Are You Keeping Your Biblical Appointments with the Father?”

  1. I can see now that the Feasts are His and we should keep them. How, exactly, do your consciences guide you spiritually in detail? What do you do when you keep the appointments of our Father in Heaven?

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