what the bible says about our inheritance

Israel Mine Inheritance: A Fascinating Look At What The Bible Says About Our Inheritance In The Kingdom of YAHUAH

Israel Mine Inheritance: Understanding the End Time Biblical Inheritance


This video goes into great detail on what the Bible says about our inheritance. It looks at everything, from YAHUAH’S inheritance to the inheritance of the children of Israel, to the inheritance of the Gentiles.

As such, it gives great insight into the end-time kingdom of YAHUAH and what the inheritance will look like after the Messiah returns.

However, the greatest impact of this video is to show the fallacy of this “everyone is equal.” This teaching shows without a doubt, that YAHUAH doeth put a difference between Israel and the other nations.

Exo 11:7  But against any of the children of Israel shall not a dog move his tongue, against man or beast: that ye may know how that YAHUAH doth put a difference between the Egyptians (Gentiles) and Israel.


Here are just some of the verses used in today’s presentation, What the Bible Says About Our Inheritance:

Heb 9:11 — Heb 9:17
Psa 147:19-20
Rom 8:28-34
Rom 11:2
Isaiah 45:4
Act 5:30 — Act 5:31
Act 13:23 — Act 13:24
Eph 1:9 — Eph 1:18
Psa 148:14
Deut 32:8 — Deut 32:10
1Ki 8:47 — 1Ki 8:53
Deut 4:20
Deut 9:29
Psa 74:1 — Psa 74:2
Psa 106:4 — Psa 106:5
Deut 7:6 — Deut 7:8
Num 18:20 — Num 18:24
Deut 19:14
Deut 25:19
Jos 14:9
Revelation 21:12
Ezk 47:21 — Ezk 47:23
Exo 12:49
Exo 29:33
Deuteronomy 14:21
Isaiah 54:3
Psa 2:8
Isa 49:22 — Isa 49:23
Isaiah 61:5
Amos 9:11-12
Revelation 13:10
Psa 2:1 — Psa 2:12

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