Is a Personal Relationship With the Father Enough To Take Us Into The Kingdom Of Heaven? (Video)

Is a Personal Relationship With the Father Enough?

Is a Personal Relationship With the Father all that it takes to get us into the kingdom of heaven? This is an essential question to answer as this is one of the defensive lines used by some persons whilst being encouraged with words of sanctification.

Is a Personal Relationship with the father enough

Most of us don’t like to change

Change? Most of us don’t really like to change, even if it means walking in obedience to the word. The “old man of sin” will always try to remain “as is.”

Rom 7:22 – 23 For I delight in the law of Elohiym after the inward man: But I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members.

From my personal experience, when speaking about the Sabbath or other topics of sanctification, I get responses such as: “We don’t need anything else but to have a personal relationship with “God.”” Or: “What we need is a personal relationship.”


The danger of going into the wrong direction

The danger is that many of these popular sayings, not being biblical, therefore serve to circumvent the path laid down in the Bible. Oftentimes they are escapes from the true way that is in the Messiah. The sad part is that if we go around the path laid out, then it means we go off the path. We go in the wrong direction. Unfortunately, we are satisfied we are on the right path, but unknown to us, we are headed the wrong way. wrong way

What does the Bible say?

So the most important thing is to see what the Bible says. Is a personal relationship enough according to the Bible? To find out, we compare these claims re: personal relationship with examples of persons in the Bible with personal relationships with the Most High. We then see if their experiences match with the claim that  a personal relationship with the Most High is all we need. The video above digs into the Bible to come up with the answer.